NutraVita Ener- C+ Powder (2gx20’S)

NutraVita Ener- C+ Powder (2gx20’S)

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NutraVita Ener- C+ Powder Is Ideal for Replenishment with Essential Vitamins & Minerals. 10 Oranges As 1 Sachets Contains Vitamin C+ B2 That Can Increase Our Stamina And Give More Energy Boost Daily. On The Go Sachets For Direct Consumption And Easy Us To Get Sufficient Vitamins For A Day's Intake.
Why You Need NutraVita Ener-C+ Powder?
> You Need Energy In Repetitive Daily Life
> Body Need Strong Immune System For Support
> Sleepy & Tiredness With Long Working Hours
> Kids In Growth Phase
> Vitamin C Nutrients  Protect For Skin Health
> To Protect Their Bodies From Free Radicals That Damages Cells
> Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle & Stay Safe
2 in 1 preparation.
Easy formulation.
Melt in the mouth.
Just tear it open and consume it from the sachet.
Sachet that easy for you to bring around.
Direction Of Use:
Children 8 & Above:1 Stick Once Daily, Before/after Meal
Adults: 2 Stick Once Daily, Before/after Meal
Vitamin C- 500mg
Vitamin B2 1.24mg

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