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Recogen Gold is a synergistic Dual Action formula, combining bioactive collagen peptides and rose hip extract. Our bioactive collagen peptides help to regenerate cartilage while rose hip extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Rose hip extract is a safe ingredient with no side effects. In studies conducted, it can help reduce inflammation by as much as 50%. At the same time, there is a significant decrease of cartilage degrading enzymes. When paired together with bioactive collagen peptides, you have a premium joint health product that protects the joints and provide relief from discomforts caused by joint pains and inflammation. Recogen Gold do not contain any steroids, preservatives and artificial colorings.

Direction of use
Dissolve Recogen into plain water or any drink.
For mild to moderate symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for a month followed by 5 grams per day.
For severe symptoms: Take 10 grams a day for at least 3 months.

Pure bioactive collagen peptides with rose hip extract

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