BIOBAY Vitamin C Gummy (80’s)


BIOBAY Vitamin C Gummy (80’s)


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BIOBAY Vitamin C Gummy contains extracts from real fresh fruits. It has been specially formulated to support healthy growing in children.
It’s important for kids to consume adequate amount of Vitamin C for good immune function. Excess Vitamin C will be excreted from the body via urine.
Be mindful to feed your child with enough vitamin C to prevent him or her from getting sick.

– Antioxidant
– Boost immune system
– Enhance iron absorption
– Maintenance of overall health

Suitable for:
– Growing Children
– Vitamin Children with poor immune system

Direction of use:
2-4 gummies a day with meal.
Vitamin C
Note: The Color Viariation is only for the packaging color, gummy vitamin c contains are same.

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