JHB Easy Go Fiber (15's) BUY 3 FREE 1

JHB Easy Go Fiber (15's) BUY 3 FREE 1

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EASY GO Fiber is a completely natural blended mix of potent nutritious berries and red beet powder. It enables our bodies to regain its natural functions through a more efficient way of eliminating toxins from our bodies and better absorb nutrients for optimum inner health that promotes outer beauty.


  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Natural ingredient only
  • Useful for constipation
  • Weight management
4 boxes of 15 g x 15 sachets (Buy 3 free 1)

Direction of use:
One sachet a day before bed, consume immediately after mixing .
Psyllium husk powder, Inulin, Red beetroot, mixed Berries powder (raspberry, strawberries & other natural blends) .
Psyllium husk: absorbs excess fat, cholesterol & sugar, prevents constipation, improves digestion.
Red beetroot: protect the liver, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure
Raspberry: improve digestion, improve memory, improve skin complexion, prevent dementia & cancer
Imo & inulin: prebiotic helps to promote and stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut to maintain a healthy intestinal tract & fight illness.
Strawberry & other natural blends: a natural source of vitamin c to boost collagen production & body healing, protect eyesight

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