Apogen Kids Gummy (50'S)

Apogen Kids Gummy (50'S)

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  • Apogen scientific demonstrated research proves that it can effectively help support the body’s natural defenses.
  • Apogen is a nutritional compound scientifically demonstrated to block wide range of viruses from entering cells, including influenza virus (Type A, Type B, H1N1), enterovirus (EV71), herpes virus, dengue virus, respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) and rotavirus.
  • Stimulate children's immune system. Create a healthy protection firewall for every kid.
  • Apogen Kids Gummy is free of artificial colors, free of chemical flavors and free of preservatives
  • Gummy is the best choice of nutritional supplement for kids

Direction of use :
Three to twelve (3-12) years old children: 2 gummies, 2-3 times daily
Ingredients :
Apogen patented Microalgae Extraction (Allophycocyanin(APC), C-phycocyanin(CPC), spirulina growth factor, sulfated polysaccharide, peptide, nucleic acid, amino acids, minerals) + 13 Multivitamins

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