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Zynamite Mango Fruit Drink Premix (10 sachets)

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Zynamite Mango Fruit Drink Premix (10 sachets) VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS
RM 49.90
500 g
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Zynamite® is Nektium’s award-winning, patented proprietary Mangifera indica extract. Infusions and decoctions of mango leaves are used extensively in traditional health systems for their multiple benefits.
Zynamite® is the result of a five year long global research quest for the next-generation mental & physical energy ingredient
Zynamite® nootropic activities
  • Activates brain electrical activity
  • Increases long term potentiation
  • Faster reaction time and increased calculation performance
  • Decreased fatigue
Zynamite® for sports performance
Tested in repeat sprint exercise as well as exercise during simulated exhaustion (ischaemia-reperfusion model) in men and women.
  • Increased peak power output
  • Increased mean power output
  • Increased VO2max
  • Increased brain oxygenation in women
  • Increased muscle oxygen extraction
  • Decreased lactate
Zynamite® for sport recovery
The effect on pain and recovery was studied after a 10km race followed by 100 drop jumps, demonstrating the following results:
  • Accelerated recovery of muscle performance
  • Reduced pain and muscle damage elicited by competitive exercise
Clinical studies of formulations containing Zynamite® significantly improves both peak power output and mean power output in fatigued and exhausted men and women – that place where athletes find themselves when they need your help the most.
Faster reaction and quicker adaptation to changing conditions are essential to high performance athletics. The cognitive benefits of Zynamite® combined with the physical make this ingredient a unique solution for athletes, e-sports, shift workers, truck drivers and every person in need of mental and physical energy.
Intriguingly, in vivo studies of Zynamite® have pointed to the potential for synergies between Zynamite® and low doses of caffeine, suggesting that formulations that combine these ingredients will be attractive to consumers. This sets up exciting formulating options that include both ‘stim’ and ‘non-stim’ products.

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